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Fun Polymer Clay Figurines & Wedding Cake Toppers by Karly West

Posted by Funny Pics Posted on Jun - 13 - 2011
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“Fun, hand-sculpted, unique, edgy, whimsical, quirky and well-made polymer clay figurines & custom wedding cake toppers! Signed by ♥ Karly West, the artist.”
For more information visit Karly’s shop

Blue Filigree and Bow Cakezilla

Blue Filigree & Bow Cakezilla

Devil's Food And Cupcake Zombie

Devil's Food & Cupcake Zombie

Cupcakes Rock

Cupcakes Rock

Menacing Clay Cupcake And Painting Cupcake

Menacing Clay Cupcake & Painting Cupcake

Pink Cupcake And Cupcake Ninja

Pink Cupcake & Cupcake Ninja

Pete And Sinister Clay Cupcake

Pete & Sinister Clay Cupcake

Sweet Wedding Cake Toppers And Sinister Clay Cupcake

Sweet Wedding Cake Toppers & Sinister Clay Cupcake

Lil Chip Jr And Marcel Le Macaron

Lil Chip Jr & Marcel Le Macaron

Gangsta Clay Cupcake And Kim

Gangsta Clay Cupcake & Kim

Divorce Cakezilla

Divorce Cakezilla

Custom Guitarist Cupcake

Custom Guitarist Cupcake

Sneaky Ice Cream Sandwich, Yoga Donut And Runner Cupcake

Sneaky Ice Cream Sandwich, Yoga Donut & Runner Cupcake

Clay Thug Cookie And CrAzY Clay Cookie

Clay Thug Cookie & CrAzY Clay Cookie

Clay Ice Cream Thug And Happy Clay Marshmallow

Clay Ice Cream Thug & Happy Clay Marshmallow

Buddy And Clay Cheesecake Rapper

Buddy & Clay Cheesecake Rapper

Baby Cake And Barry

Baby Cake & Barry

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