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Creepy Cakes

Posted by Funny Pictures Posted on Feb - 01 - 2011
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Hand Cake
Horse Cake
Zombie Dog Cake
Brain Cake
Jesus Cake
Octopus Cake
Crow Cake
Eyes Cake
Creepy Cake
Skull Cakes
Creepy Bride Cake
Halloween Cake

Categories: Crazy, Halloween, Holidays, Weird

3 Responses so far.

  1. skull says:

    wow ce torturi cam naspa ce drq torturile alea sunt pt emo :|

  2. skull says:

    cine drq ar cumpara torutii in genu la alea un ex (Satanisti)…..:-h

  3. τι το! τρελούς ……… μισούν το κέικ με τον Ιησού!! φρικτό άνθρωποι