Best Minecraft prison servers


Best Minecraft prison servers

Prison in Minecraft is an unusual game mode. It involves working your way towards freedom. Prison servers often have large mines, which are reset every few seconds. Players can also gather resources and ores to sell in these mines.

A player can rank up once they have enough money from selling. The rank system is A-Z. Players start at A and end at Z. Each rankup gets more expensive as time passes.

Many prison servers have crates that allow players to unlock specific tools like a pickaxe with high efficiency to mine faster.

For many years, Prison servers have been an integral part of Minecraft. Here are the best Prison servers that you can try.

10 Minecraft Prison Servers That Are Worth Your Attention


JailMC is a smaller Prison Server with many characters. You can view daily events on this server in-game. You can also find vaults, private mines, public mines and many other features. JailMC also offers games that can be played and won prizes.


9) AkumaMC

AkumaMC, a Prison server in development, offers a wide range of features. You can get unlimited prestige, personal mines and OP tools. There are also winnable ranks. You can also play at the casino and fight against gangs. Robots are available on the server to auto-mine your coins.



The Archon is a popular Prison Server that offers a variety other game modes. Archon's Prison server features a custom texture pack which adds depth and dimension to the game by using 3D models.

You can also start with many other items and bombs.


7) OPLegends

OPLegends, a smaller Prison server, offers two Prison games: Modern Prison and Prison Neptune. OPLegends offers a variety of gangs for players to join. The top gang owners get weekly cash payouts!


6) FadeCloud

FadeCloud is a cross platform server with a variety of game modes. The Prison game mode features an incredible custom texture pack. It is very detailed. You can also find skills and pets on this server.


5) LemonCloud

LemonCloud is a moderately sized server with a variety of game modes. OP Prison is a little different. It gives players extremely powerful weapons and tools. However, the main goal remains the same. You must work in the mine until you achieve freedom.


4) Complex Gaming

Complex Gaming's Prison server has a custom texture pack, which includes many new symbols. Complex Gaming's chat interface is easy to read, which is something that fans love. Complex Gaming is a much more organized chat than most Prison servers. Players have many custom tags and ranks and chat is colorful. However, Complex Gaming has all chats in white and important messages are displayed in color.


3) MCCentral

MCCentral has been around since many years. It's great to see that it still has a strong playerbase. MCCentral's Prison Mode features bounties and custom enchants as well as voting rewards, an auction house and many other features.

This server is extremely popular with more than a million players. It's definitely worth it.


2) OPBlocks

OPBlocks, a server with candy themes, offers players a lot of options. This includes Prison! OPBlocks has just released season 17 on their Prison server. It's well worth the effort to see it!

This server is perfect for those who want to offer unique and engaging content.


1) MCHub

MCHub has been a very popular server with thousands of players online. Beautiful builds, private mines and player vaults are all part of the server. There are also titles, robots, and other features. You can also have your own city.


If you enjoy playing Prison mode, these are some Prison serves you might be interested in.