Best Minecraft prison servers

Prison in Minecraft is an unusual game mode. It involves working your way towards freedom. Prison servers often have large mines, which are reset every few seconds. Players can also gather resources and ores to sell in these mines.

A player can rank up once they have enough money from selling. The rank system is A-Z. Players start at A and end at Z. Each rankup gets more expensive as time passes.

Many prison servers have crates that allow players to unlock specific tools like a pickaxe with high efficiency to mine faster.

For many years, Prison servers have been an integral part of Minecraft. Here are the best Prison servers that you can try.

10 Minecraft Prison Servers That Are Worth Your Attention


JailMC is a smaller Prison Server with many characters. You can view daily events on this server in-game. You can also find vaults, private mines, public mines and many other features. JailMC also offers games that can be played and won prizes.


9) AkumaMC

AkumaMC, a Prison server in development, offers a wide range of features. You can get unlimited prestige, personal mines and OP tools. There are also winnable ranks. You can also play at the casino and fight against gangs. Robots are available on the server to auto-mine your coins.



The Archon is a popular Prison Server that offers a variety other game modes. Archon’s Prison server features a custom texture pack which adds depth and dimension to the game by using 3D models.

You can also start with many other items and bombs.


7) OPLegends

OPLegends, a smaller Prison server, offers two Prison games: Modern Prison and Prison Neptune. OPLegends offers a variety of gangs for players to join. The top gang owners get weekly cash payouts!


6) FadeCloud

FadeCloud is a cross platform server with a variety of game modes. The Prison game mode features an incredible custom texture pack. It is very detailed. You can also find skills and pets on this server.


5) LemonCloud

LemonCloud is a moderately sized server with a variety of game modes. OP Prison is a little different. It gives players extremely powerful weapons and tools. However, the main goal remains the same. You must work in the mine until you achieve freedom.


4) Complex Gaming

Complex Gaming’s Prison server has a custom texture pack, which includes many new symbols. Complex Gaming’s chat interface is easy to read, which is something that fans love. Complex Gaming is a much more organized chat than most Prison servers. Players have many custom tags and ranks and chat is colorful. However, Complex Gaming has all chats in white and important messages are displayed in color.


3) MCCentral

MCCentral has been around since many years. It’s great to see that it still has a strong playerbase. MCCentral’s Prison Mode features bounties and custom enchants as well as voting rewards, an auction house and many other features.

This server is extremely popular with more than a million players. It’s definitely worth it.


2) OPBlocks

OPBlocks, a server with candy themes, offers players a lot of options. This includes Prison! OPBlocks has just released season 17 on their Prison server. It’s well worth the effort to see it!

This server is perfect for those who want to offer unique and engaging content.


1) MCHub

MCHub has been a very popular server with thousands of players online. Beautiful builds, private mines and player vaults are all part of the server. There are also titles, robots, and other features. You can also have your own city.


If you enjoy playing Prison mode, these are some Prison serves you might be interested in.

Where to find diamonds in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.18 has completely transformed the game’s world generation. Players can now dig to Y=-64 and the world height is now at 320. Mojang also redesigned the game’s ore-generation system to encourage exploration and balance the game’s mining. This has revolutionized the traditional way of getting diamonds. Previously, you had to dig down to Y=11 before strip mining.

Players have changed as well as the game.

How to easily find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

5) Cast in stone

Players don’t have to abandon their old ways if they don’t wish to. You can still find diamonds in the same way you used to, which is by strip mining at approximately y=11.

This part of the world still has all the old goodies, including redstone, lapis and gold as well as iron, coal, and a few diamonds. At this level, the frequency of diamonds has decreased and increased with each step.

If this is the way a player does it every day and they want to continue doing it, then they can. There will be diamonds to mine.

4) Mineshafts

Mineshafts are long and spiraling tunnels that contain mine tracks and chests. They can be thought to be an old mine. These structures have the same advantage as many other structures in the game: they let the player see many blocks. Because of the large number of blocks that players have access to, it is possible to find diamonds in deeper mine shafts.

3) Ravines

Ravines are a key part of the game. Massive scarring on the land exposes huge areas to air. This can reveal deeper caves, lava falls, and diamonds if a player is fortunate.

Although there isn’t an increase in the spawning rate of diamonds within ravines, it isn’t unusual to see them in the ravines’ lower walls. This is particularly true for ravines that spawn deep within the earth.

2) Lava pools

The legend that diamonds can spawn near lava is one of the most popular and oldest. Although there isn’t any code that allows diamonds to spawn close to lava pools, caverns can see the same idea as ravines: large, open areas at the same level where diamonds spawn.

1) The new Y=11

Diamonds became more common in the deeper layers of the earth after the ore generation map was updated. The new optimal level for strip mining will be Y=58. Diamond spawns are not compatible with any lower-grade bedrock. It’s technically less effective if it’s higher due to the diamond spawn rules.

Three tall tunnels with two blocks between them are the best strategy for strip-mining. Each tunnel can see the blocks to their left and right, and each tunnel has its own set of blocks. A three-block high, three-block-wide area can be used by each tunnel to hunt for diamonds.

Minecraft arbalistic achievement guide

Advancement hunters in Minecraft might not be aware that the game has hidden advancements. Arbalistic is a difficult task.

Some Minecraft players may find Arbalistic difficult to attain as they must kill five different mobs using one shot with a crossbow. This allows players to kill standard mobs without needing hostile mobs. However, it can be difficult to kill multiple mobs at once even with the Piercing IV Enchantment.

The Multishot enchantment is also useful, but not required. This advancement will be more easy in Creative Mode but Survival Mode players will need to work harder.

A guide for earning arbalistic

Although it can be difficult to earn Arbalistic in Minecraft’s Survival Mode, it is possible.

Players will need to make a hallway one block in width and six blocks long to get the game started. This will be used to line up and accommodate the mobs. The hallway should be approximately two blocks in height, with the front half blocked in the middle row. To prevent smaller mobs of people from fleeing from the middle block, a slab should be added.

Next, Minecraft players will need to create a small hole 3×1 or 3×2 in front of the “kill hallway”. They can then stand in the hole to line up their shot through a slot in the hallway.

Players will also need five different animal mobs to place in the hallway (duplicates are not allowed and hostile mobs can be used but are more difficult to corral). The most popular choices are chickens, sheep and goats.

Minecraft advancement hunters will need to grab an iron axe before they can use their Piercing IV crossbow to strike their mobs. While chickens and sheep don’t usually need to be struck, llamas and llamas might need to be struck multiple times.

Once the Minecraft mobs have been injured, players can simply stand in the hole to line up their shot. Piercing IV’s effect means that the arrow can be fired through the middle slot to kill all mobs in the hallway.

If you are having trouble with this, the Power Enchantment can be added to your crossbow. Although it can take some practice to master, injuring enough mobs without killing them can be difficult. However, if Minecraft players persevere and have plenty of livestock, they can attain Arbalistic with a little bit of persistence.

Hobbit inspiration for Minecraft

Minecraft is full of vast landscapes. Plains is one of Minecraft’s most popular biomes. These are flat, green lands that have little vegetation and grass. Plains are ideal for creating a cozy little hole for a hobbit.

The best Hobbit holes in Minecraft can be made within a hill. You can also make them inside a high mountain. Because they are smaller than traditional houses, they are called hobbit holes.

You can decorate and build a Hobbit hole in Minecraft in many different ways. These are just a few of the great ideas to make a beautiful and cozy hobbit hole.

5) Garden

It is likely that the Minecraft hobbit hole has a beautiful garden outside. You can create a garden in front of the main gate. It will be similar to the Lord of the Rings movie’s hobbit hole. To make the garden colorful, players can plant grass and flowers.

4) Library

A small library can be built inside the hobbit hole to give it a more authentic appearance. A library can be created by players with bookshelves, a study table and shelves. To make the most of their bookshelves, players can add an enchanting table to the area.

3) Fireplace

The fireplace can be placed in a small hole and adds warmth to the structure. You can make a chimney out of the hill by setting up campfires. This is a reference to the original hobbit hole in the movies.

2) Kitchen

Hobbits are known for being big eaters. Players can create a kitchen in their hobbit holes using various smelting blocks such as furnaces and blast furnaces, water cauldrons and barrels.

1) Secret treasure chest

The hobbit hole may appear quite ordinary and comfortable from the outside, but inside, players can find a hidden treasure room. Rumours circulated that the Hobbit hole contained hidden treasures from the movies. This room captures the essence of the story. You can create an underground chamber for your valuable items that you can keep secret from the rest of the world.

These are some of the ideas for decorating a Minecraft hobbit hole, which is reminiscent of the original Hobbit hole from Lord of the Rings films.

The best Minecraft servers

this is my list of the best Minecraft servers out there in no particular order. I’m sure there are plenty of servers out there that are quite unique and fun, but these are the ones that impressed me either by their sheer scope or by being truly a work of art that almost transcend the Minecraft medium. Without further ado let’s dive in.

  • WesterosCraft
    I’ll be honest, this one is here mostly cause I love Game of Thrones. There’s no two ways about it. Even though I am disappointed in the way the show ended, I can still appreciate a nice King’s Landing reconstruction in Minecraft and there’s even talk of them making Casterly Rock. A must visit for any Game of thrones fan out there.
  • The lord of the Craft
    This server is quite an enigma. While your thoughts might run to the Lord of the Rings, this one actually has quite little to do with it in the end. Oh sure it has elves, dwarves, underground dungeons etc. But that’s where the similarities end. It’s mostly focused on roleplaying and has a rich lore about it. If you want to play as an Elf in Minecraft, look no further, simply devise an interesting backstory for your character and dive in.
  • Extreme Craft
    This isn’t a single server but more like a cluster of servers. Extreme Craft has it all, if you want to play Skyblock, Skygrid, Acin Island, Hunger games, Survival, Factions, Eggwars or any of the insane number of game modes this server offers, you got it. Look no further, they even have you covered for roleplaying. And in the end if you want to simply relax and play some Creative mode, simply building out your ideas, without worrying about a thing, they still got you covered. Like I said, Extreme Craft has it all.
  • Minewind
    This last entry is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. As with all anarchy servers, the only rules is that there aren’t any rules, with the exception of no cheating obviously. You see someone building a nice house in the middle of nowhere, that they spent hours upon hours on ? Make some dynamite and blow it to hell and watch them tear up. See someone going for those diamonds near lava ? Mine out the block from under them and watch them curse you out like an experienced sailor. It’s literally grief central, letting you take out your frustrations on others.

These are my top 4 unique Minecraft servers that I keep coming back to. I’m sure that if you check them out, you can appreciate them for their different, but in the end, fun nature. If you’re looking for more exciting and fun Minecraft server, this Minecraft server list is the place to go.

Survival Minecraft servers

Minecraft servers have many different gamemodes but Survival game mode and Survival Minecraft servers are by far one of most popular gamemodes on Minecraft servers. For example if you check out any Minecraft server list you will find out that most of servers and networks have survival gamemode.

In Minecraft Survival servers can be simple or complicated. Some of survival servers are almost like Minecraft single player, adding almost nothing more but simple Multiplayer world and letting players play within that world.

However there are also survival Minecraft servers with heavy modifications, adding stuff like ingame Shops where players can trade items, server shop that allows players to buy or sell items from server, custom mobs and more, some survival servers even have McMMO plugin.

If you’re looking for Survival Minecraft servers you should start here: and check out servers and their stats, but also plugins and features you would like to play with.

With that being said most of survival Minecraft servers also allow you to vote, which will help you get started since on most of Survival servers you start with nothing or just a simple starter kit.