Survival Minecraft servers


Survival Minecraft servers

Minecraft servers have many different gamemodes but Survival game mode and Survival Minecraft servers are by far one of most popular gamemodes on Minecraft servers. For example if you check out any Minecraft server list you will find out that most of servers and networks have survival gamemode.

In Minecraft Survival servers can be simple or complicated. Some of survival servers are almost like Minecraft single player, adding almost nothing more but simple Multiplayer world and letting players play within that world.

However there are also survival Minecraft servers with heavy modifications, adding stuff like ingame Shops where players can trade items, server shop that allows players to buy or sell items from server, custom mobs and more, some survival servers even have McMMO plugin.

If you're looking for Survival Minecraft servers you should start here and check out servers and their stats, but also plugins and features you would like to play with.

With that being said most of survival Minecraft servers also allow you to vote, which will help you get started since on most of Survival servers you start with nothing or just a simple starter kit.