The best Minecraft servers


The best Minecraft servers

This is my list of the best Minecraft servers out there in no particular order. I'm sure there are plenty of servers out there that are quite unique and fun, but these are the ones that impressed me either by their sheer scope or by being truly a work of art that almost transcend the Minecraft medium. Without further ado let's dive in.

- WesterosCraft

I'll be honest, this one is here mostly cause I love Game of Thrones. There's no two ways about it. Even though I am disappointed in the way the show ended, I can still appreciate a nice King's Landing reconstruction in Minecraft and there's even talk of them making Casterly Rock. A must visit for any Game of thrones fan out there.

- The lord of the Craft

This server is quite an enigma. While your thoughts might run to the Lord of the Rings, this one actually has quite little to do with it in the end. Oh sure it has elves, dwarves, underground dungeons etc. But that's where the similarities end. It's mostly focused on roleplaying and has a rich lore about it. If you want to play as an Elf in Minecraft, look no further, simply devise an interesting backstory for your character and dive in.

- Extreme Craft

This isn't a single server but more like a cluster of servers. Extreme Craft has it all, if you want to play Skyblock, Skygrid, Acin Island, Hunger games, Survival, Factions, Eggwars or any of the insane number of game modes this server offers, you got it. Look no further, they even have you covered for roleplaying. And in the end if you want to simply relax and play some Creative mode, simply building out your ideas, without worrying about a thing, they still got you covered. Like I said, Extreme Craft has it all.

- Minewind

This last entry is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. As with all anarchy servers, the only rules is that there aren't any rules, with the exception of no cheating obviously. You see someone building a nice house in the middle of nowhere, that they spent hours upon hours on ? Make some dynamite and blow it to hell and watch them tear up. See someone going for those diamonds near lava ? Mine out the block from under them and watch them curse you out like an experienced sailor. It's literally grief central, letting you take out your frustrations on others.

These are my top 4 unique Minecraft servers that I keep coming back to. I'm sure that if you check them out, you can appreciate them for their different, but in the end, fun nature. If you're looking for more exciting and fun Minecraft server, this Minecraft server list is the place to go.